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Junior Golf Club Hire

We have recently obtained seed funding from Scottish Golf and are delighted to announce the launch of our new Golf Club Hire Scheme for Junior Members of Bearsden Golf Club.

Under this scheme Junior members will have the use of a set of appropriately sized golf clubs as if they were their own. They will keep them at home and use them on the golf course, on the range, for home practice or when visiting other golf courses. When they grow out of their current clubs they can simply return and exchange them for a bigger set (subject to availability). Under the scheme they should never grow out of their clubs until they are ready for their first adult set.

The advantages of the scheme are:

Low initial financial outlay (£30 – £37.50).
Low monthly hire costs (£6.00 – £7.50) – from April 2023.
Exchange for a bigger set when the current set is outgrown.


The scheme is only available to Junior members and membership must be continuous throughout the period of the hire. Non-members will have the opportunity to join as part of the order process.
To get the scheme up and running we are asking a small initial deposit with hire fees not due until April 2023.
Hire fees will be added to annual membership renewal fees from April 2023.
Renewal fees are due in April each year. A monthly direct debit payment scheme is available.
When returned club sets should be in a clean, useable condition.

To ensure the sustainability of the scheme going forward we are initially limiting the number of sets being made available for each size/age range. This may change as demand dictates so please get in touch if the set you require is unavailable.

To view Clubs that are available in the scheme, please click here.