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BGC – Competition Registration and Score Entry

BGC – Competition Registration and Score Entry

How to Register into a Competition and Enter a Score from your HowDidIDo App

  • Open the App and login using your Username (email address) and Password
  • Then Select Login
  • Then Select the Todays Golf Icon

  • Click – Sign In / Pre Registration
  • Then Select the competition you want to sign in for.
  • Select Sign in
    • You are now signed in. Complete your round of golf.
  • After you have completed the round select Todays Golf Icon
  • Select Score Entry
  • Type the surname of the person marking your score, then select that person
  • Select Next
  • Select Confirm for your handicap today
  • Then using the Plus or Minus button enter your score for Hole 1, then select hole 2 and repeat.
  • Once you have completed the front 9 holes it will display your front 9 score if correct select next, if wrong select back and correct the hole that is wrong
  • Select the score on hole 10 to 18 using plus and minus button again
  • It will give the back 9 summary then select next
  • Sign the Card then select confirm
  • Select Finish
  • You have now completed your score entry.


For any questions, please get in touch


Andrew McNee

Junior Convenor