New Course Designer

Graeme Webster, Golf Course Architect

The new course based on the provisional plan, with a length of 6,878 yards (for 2 x 9 holes) will be designed by the leading golf course architect, Graeme Webster of Niblick Design.

Graeme is one of the most prolific and sought after golf course architects of his generation. A native of Scotland and a fine amateur player, he is equally at home in Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany and Spain where he has left his design imprint on many fine courses. Whether a complete design of increasingly re-designs and upgrades. Graeme has a single determination to make the most of any landscape within the bounds of playability and budget.

Imaginative yet pragmatic, his approach has found favour amoungst commercial developers and member clubs alike. A simple design philosophy for golfers of all abilities, Graeme uses clever shapes and contours to create holes that ask the player to consider the risk and reward of shot options, all the time posing questions and challenges that encourage the player to think their way round.