At a time when money is tight and interest in golf clubs is considered to be in decline, credit must go to The Captain and her Committee for continuing to invest in what is without question the biggest night of the year at the club. With around 300 people in or around the club during the fireworks.

With such a large crowd the members are indebted to Mark Buchanan, Janice Hughes, Maggie Donnelly and Roger Fawcett for their efforts in signing up new members and chasing down donations, a tremendous effort by all of them.

The main event…… we received incredible feedback regarding the fireworks show and are grateful to: Jim O’Brien for his canny purchasing abilities and Andy Robertson, Brian Machaffie and Martin Hughes, the real heroes behind the scenes, for putting on such a great show.

How do you follow such a great display, well that turned out to be easy…..a massive thank you to Gill MacHaffie who kept the crowds entertained for over five hours with her silent disco.

All in all another great event and a big thank you is due from all members to a small team of people in making such a big difference to our club.

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