The pleasures of golfing life

Welcome to Bearsden Golf Club. Just 5 miles from Glasgow city centre, we value our location on the edge of the countryside, where you can enjoy both the pleasures of life, and golf!

Don't just do something, stand there.

Linda A Lewis

Whether you are one of our members - gentleman, lady or one of our thriving junior section - or a visitor paying a green fee, you'll get an all-day welcome to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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Junior 2012 Johnstone Cup
Clubhouse Leaderboard, Final Day

Player Photo Round 1
Round 2
1st Cameron Smith Cameron Smith +2 +8 +10 Leading competition score! Clubhouse Leader
2nd Stuart Holt Stuart Holt +7 +12 +19
3rd Jordan Manuel Jordan Manuel +10 +11 +21
4th James Martin James Martin +13 +13 +26
5th Matt Waterfield Matt Waterfield +12 +25 +37
6th Harry Ross Harry Ross +16 +22 +38
7th Liam Clougherty Liam Clougherty +27 +19 +46
8th Reece Donnelly Reece Donnelly +27 +27 +54
9th Grant McGhee Grant McGhee +38 +30 +68